Sky Italia modernized and transformed into an APIOps-led organization with Kong Gateway Enterprise

European media giant relies on Kong to save costs and build an infrastructure for the future

Italy’s leading media & entertainment company

Sky Italia is a media & entertainment company founded in 2003. It is part of the Sky Group, one of the leading entertainment groups in Europe, which is controlled by Comcast Corporation, an international media & technology company.

Sky has changed the viewing habits of millions of Italians and is a byword for innovation. The latest is Sky Glass, a next-generation smart TV that integrates Sky content, free-to-air channels, and streaming services in a single interface.

The range of products and services is completed with Sky Q, which combines Sky content and that of the main apps; and NOW, the OTT offer that gives access to Sky content. In addition, Sky offers the Sky Wifi ultra-broadband service, the fastest fixed network in Italy according to Oookla.

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Cost savings on infrastructure


Increase time-to-market


Reduce deployment time


Increase in performance


Looking for a centralized platform to deliver key business results

As a large media and technology company, Sky Italia faced challenges around standardizing and managing its APIs.

While the team had an existing SOA Architecture in place, they realized that it would not allow them to deliver on the ambitious goals of creating a platform that would support all aspects of Sky's revenue-generating business.

Without the ability to scale and move to a microservice architecture, the team needed to find a new solution that would allow them to be more efficient, reduce costs, and maintain low latency.

"To reach our goals of creating an integrated platform for our business services, we knew we would require a solution that allows architectural freedom and support our high volume of transactions: that would be the framework of our new APIOps mindset."

Claudio Spadaccini
Head of Integration at Sky Italia

Creating a full API lifecycle suite of tools to implement APIOps

Sky chose Kong as its API management platform to support its new infrastructure built on the pillars of automation, observability, and performance. This infrastructure utilized Kong Enterprises deployment flexibility, running in hybrid mode to support both cloud and on-prem services.

They also used AWS EKS to manage their Kubernetes clusters and microservices in the cloud, alongside an AWS Managed Observability Stack and IaC by policy to build a solution that is both highly scalable and has high availability.

By adding Kong plugins to extend the functionality of this architecture to include security, monitoring, transformation, and integration, the team has been able to implement simple logic directly on the gateway, saving effort and greatly broadening the scope of what Kong Enterprise can provide.

In order to implement APIOps methodology, the Sky team created a clear process to facilitate the rapid building and iteration of APIs through a combination of DevOps and GitOps.

"Through this new process, we have been able to reduce development time to enable fast usage and rapid testing as soon as the interface agreement is confirmed. This lets the team work much faster and more efficiently, to deliver quicker results to the broader organization," says Spadaccini.


Seeing results for both technical teams and the larger business

Since first deploying Kong Gateway Enterprise, Sky Italia has seen impressive benefits and results. From a technical standpoint, they have increased performance by 70%, while maintaining 99.99% availability.

"One of our major goals in partnering with Kong was to be able to support our high volume of transactions, without losing any revenue through downtime. We have been able not only to meet, but exceed these goals," says Spadaccini.

They have also reduced deployment time by 80%, allowing the team to build 200+ APIs designed and built through the APIOps with clear policies, increased testing, and greater consistency.

The broader business has also seen significant results since Sky began working with Kong.

The team has also achieved faster time-to-market, releasing new products and services 20% more quickly than before. This speed provides better experiences for customers across the board, while also producing new revenue streams for the business.

"We have seen 30% cost savings on our infrastructure, alongside 20% cost savings on development. As we are always looking to use our resources more efficiently, these cost savings are a huge win for the business."

Claudio Spadaccini
Head of Integration at Sky Italia

Changing minds and practices

The benefits that the Sky Italia team has seen since implementing Kong even extend past improvements in speed, availability, and cost savings. Spadaccini and the Integration team needed to fully reconceptualize their approach to APIs and their role in the tech stack.

"It took time to fully implement this new strategy," says Spadaccini. "We had to build out not only the new architecture, which of course took time and effort, but we also needed to retrain ourselves in how we create and measure the APIs that we do have."

This mindset shift was assisted by developers on the team diving in and using Kong Gateway Enterprise. After trying out the new system and realizing how easy it was to use, they fully embraced the API lifecycle management and APIOps mindset.

"Now that we have a centralized platform and process for designing, building, and managing our API lifecycle, we have been able to change our entire company's mindset around APIs. They are not an afterthought, but a core of our technology stack and foundational to our strategy," says Spadaccini.

"By using Kong Gateway Enterprise, we have been able to build a 360 API lifecycle management platform that has allowed Sky Italia to improve performance and availability while reducing our deployment time. Embracing an API-based model has allowed us to make a deep cultural change, operating according to a product-driven pattern and getting closer to our end customer needs."

Marco Daccò
Architecture & Integration Director at Sky Italia

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