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Vestas Powers Its Hybrid Cloud API Platform With Kong Enterprise

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Improved Infrastructure

Removed infrastructure concerns by connecting Kong across any architecture, cloud and platform

Edge capabilities

Ability to leverage Kong at the edge for sensing and data collection capabilities across technology landscape

Culture change

Enabled culture change via transparent, controlled data access with APIs as an interface across different departments and technology teams


  1. Kong Enterprise as a deployment-agnostic service connectivity layer across hybrid cloud infrastructure (Azure/on-prem)
  2. Kubernetes-native ingress controller for deploying Kong directly next to APIs
  3. Kong Manager, Kong Vitals and out-of-the-box plugins used for improving API monitoring and traceability


  1. Legacy API management solutions did not support moving to hybrid, multi-cloud and Kubernetes use cases
  2. Lacked visibility for each API and its consumption patterns

Powering a Brighter Future Through Sustainable Energy Solutions

Vestas is the energy industry’s global partner on sustainable energy solutions. They design, manufacture, install, and service onshore and offshore wind turbines across the globe, and with more than 160 GW of wind turbines in 88 countries, we have installed more wind power than anyone else. Through our industry-leading smart data capabilities and unparalleled more than 140 GW of wind turbines under service, we use data to interpret, forecast, and exploit wind resources and deliver best-in-class wind power solutions. Together with our customers, Vestas’ more than 29,000 employees are bringing the world sustainable energy solutions to power a bright future.

Hybrid Cloud Modernization Spurs API Gateway Evaluation

Bo Linddahl Rasmussen, Head of App and API Platforms at Vestas, is seeking to empower the diverse group of internal stakeholders across the company. This includes the development teams, data teams, field technicians and the Power Solutions team. While Rasmussen’s team had API management experience, their tools and platforms were geared toward supporting use cases that were either strictly on-premise or strictly cloud-based.

Many of Vestas’ internal teams are now adopting hybrid use cases – applications that run both on-premise and in cloud. The Vestas API platform team began their search for a modern API management solution that could offer the flexibility needed to support their new hybrid architectural requirements.

Kong Stands Out for Its Architectural Flexibility

“Our priority was to establish a flexible and lightweight enterprise-grade API management platform that could support multi-cloud and hybrid use cases with a lower cost of maintenance,” said Rasmussen.

Kong Enterprise provided the Vestas team with exactly this – an API gateway with the ability to be deployed across any architecture, in the cloud or on-premise. Given the variety of use cases that the Vestas API platform team supports, this was critical for the organization.

The Vestas team has been able to support their desired hybrid cloud model with Kong. The team has built a layered system with Kong, where the gateway resides in the cloud and routes to gateways on-premises. “We have a synchronized configuration between on-premise, cloud and Kubernetes,” said Pandey. “Kong allows us to meet modern architectural requirements while also supporting our legacy environments.”

“Our team saw that Kong’s API gateway supported multi-cloud, hybrid, on-premise and much more. We especially liked how with Kong, we only needed one configuration database, giving us much more flexibility,” said Anuj Pandey, integration architect at Vestas. “Kong is a lightweight API gateway that is very easy to install, operate and maintain. We’ve found this to be key as we progress on our application modernization journey.”

Provisioning Data With Kong’s Kubernetes Native Gateway

As a data-centric company with a growing catalog of more than 100 APIs, Vestas explored strategies for reducing its data latency and improving compliance. Through Kong’s native integration with Kubernetes, Vestas has been able to deploy Kong directly next to each API to further optimize the performance and resilience of its API traffic.

Vestas has been able to remove many of its data silos while improving on the ability to get the data they need when they need it. “One of the main drivers of having an enterprise-grade API management platform like Kong is to provide our entire organization with access to data and processes in the form of unified APIs,” said Pandey. “Kong has greatly reduced the barriers to data access.”

“We wanted an API gateway that could protect our APIs and provide a scalable platform” said Rasmussen. “We had amassed many large data sets, which we then analyzed to help our customers who were interested in buying turbines to design their power plants,” said Rasmussen. “However, our teams were searching for better methods to access data from modern architectures like Kubernetes. Kong was the perfect match to provide a robust, secure and scalable API platform.”

Out-of-the-Box Monitoring and Traceability For Vestas’ API Transactions

With Kong, Vestas has enhanced its authentication capabilities while gaining greater visibility of all integration points across the enterprise today. “We make use of Kong Enterprise’s out-of-the-box plugins for authentication like JWT and OpenID Connect as well as have monitoring in place. With Kong, we have visibility and transparency for each API,” said Pandey.

“We have better visibility of API transactions and improved traceability, and this helps our team to have a greater understanding of our API usage across the organization so that we can further optimize performance.”

Transforming Customer and Partner Relationships Through APIs

Looking ahead, Vestas continues to evaluate areas of opportunity to improve team efficiency, resilience and agility through the power of APIs. This includes plans for building a custom API catalog for exposing APIs externally and internally. “Our next planned initiative will be to further develop our custom API catalog based on Kong,” said Pandey. “External customers will be able to log in, see APIs they have bought, and use an API key to access API products and build apps themselves.”

Vestas sees the potential to use Kong and APIs to transform the nature of its relationship with customers and partners. “We have a lot of valuable data we are exposing to our internal developer and application teams,” said Rasmussen. “The vision is to eventually make this data available externally to our customers as well.”

“With thousands of turbines across the world, we also see the potential for someday deploying Kong at the edge,” said Rasmussen. “Because Kong is lightweight enough to even run on our turbines themselves, we could eventually extend our sensing and data collection capabilities even further someday.”

“Kong is the perfect choice for supporting hybrid and multi-cloud use cases – allowing us to proficiently manage our decoupled architecture.”

– Bo Linddahl Rasmussen, Head of App and API Platforms at Vestas

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