Digital Defense: How to Use API Gateways to Secure Your APIs

Event Ended
February 22, 2024

Learn how to innovate faster while maintaining the highest security standards and customer trust

While APIs may be the pillars supporting digital experiences, they also introduce new attack surfaces and vectors that malicious actors can exploit. With some fundamental security best practices baked into the center of API design, organizations can thwart those with malicious intent and protect the quality user experiences they’ve worked so hard to create.

Join Kong product leaders to discover how Kong Konnect transforms security challenges into strategic advantages, safeguarding your business and reputation in the digital landscape.


  • Ensure the secure publication of APIs with robust authorization protocol and effective rate limiting and traffic management.
  • Safeguard against fines and violations by deploying our advanced security solutions, effectively warding off frequent API attacks and ensuring regulatory adherence.
  • Accelerate app development by eliminating the need for redundant security code in each microservice.
Presented By
Veena Rajarathna
Staff Product Manager, Kong
Ross Kukulinski
Vice President Product Management, Kong Konnect, Kong