5 Questions To Ask Your API Gateway Vendor

This eBook outlines the fundamental criteria that business and technology leaders must consider when evaluating an API Gateway solution for their organizations.

Are you trying to deliver engaging and memorable experiences to your customers? Your customers’ online experiences are increasingly shaped by the applications they use to interact with a business. The more agile, functionally rich, and engaging an application, the better the customer experience and the higher the brand loyalty. Businesses are discovering that connectivity to more applications, systems, and data sources is the driving factor in delivering personalized content. APIs (or application programming interfaces) have emerged as the leading technology to power software connectivity and drive meaningful human connections.

As you are trying to digitally transform your business or migrate to a cloud to take advantage of its flexibility and agility, an API gateway forms a critical component of the IT infrastructure. But how do you ensure your API gateway will deliver the business impact you seek? This Ebook helps you ask the right questions of your prospective API gateway vendors..

In this eBook, we'll look at:

  • Key criteria for evaluation API Gateway solutions
  • Best practices to follow in key areas
  • Warning signs that raise red flags