Becoming a Secure API-First Company

Over the last two decades, APIs have revolutionized every industry, fueling digital growth across organizations, and transforming the way we interact with the world. New innovations such as generative Artificial Intelligence, blockchain, and related Web3 projects will only serve to accelerate the growth and adoption of APIs in coming years.

However, our research suggests that the average cost for a security breach stands at $6.1 million this year and these costs are on an upward trend, predicted to be 95% higher by 2030.

Becoming a secure, API-first company is no longer optional in the face of growing cyber threats.

In this eBook, deepen your understanding of the impact of APIs in today’s digital ecosystem, and gain best practices on how to effectively safeguard them, as explained by Kong Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer Marco Palladino.

Learn more about:

  • Why APIs are mission critical infrastructure
  • Adopting consistent controls
  • Enforcing API security
  • Ensuring accountability in execution