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When to use REST versus gRPC versus GraphQL

In this eBook, we’ll explore real-world examples of REST, gRPC, and GraphQL - and how these popularized API models are helping to facilitate modern development.

The growth of microservices has led to new and innovative approaches to API development. Building robust APIs that are effective in achieving business outcomes is complex work. It’s no wonder that one survey of organizations adopting microservices found nearly 30% of respondents listing “API Quality” as one of their biggest challenges.

API-based applications don’t just come in one flavor. There are many options. Choosing which to use depends heavily on your application strategy and requirements. So, if you feel overwhelmed by the number of choices available as you design and architect your APIs, you’re not alone. Each API format has its benefits and challenges, and there isn’t one that fits all needs. 

In this eBook, we’ll discuss:

  • The three most popular approaches to API development: REST, gRPC, and GraphQL.
  • The benefits and drawbacks of each API model.
  • Real-world examples of each API model. 
  • How to determine which API model is best suited for your application requirements.

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