Migrate and Modernize Your Monolith to Amazon EKS With Kong

In this eBook we will first discuss existing connectivity solutions and then explore the Crawl-Walk-Run Strategy - a joint solution that leverages Kong Mesh and Kong Konnect, together with Amazon EKS, to flexibly support any cloud transformation strategy to Kubernetes at scale.

A typical decision in a cloud migration journey is to containerize and adopt Kubernetes as the primary container orchestration platform. Kubernetes is a leading platform because it has so much to offer: application agility, resiliency, scalability, flexibility to deploy on-premise, or in public cloud infrastructure just to name a few. Opting for a managed Kubernetes service has accelerated adoption by eliminating additional operational complexities associated with maintaining the infrastructure. Rather than training your engineering team to manage Kubernetes, the overhead is handed over to cloud providers such as AWS, where Amazon EKS is one of the most popular offerings today

However, to fully reap the benefits of the cloud requires more than just lifting-and-shifting monolithic workloads to Kubernetes. It requires a migration and modernization strategy that can work at scale by simultaneously supporting legacy workloads, modernization efforts to re-architect to microservices, and greenfield development.