The Only Constant is Climate Change

In this eBook, Kong Field CTO, Melissa van der Hecht explores the vital role that API technology can play in helping to mitigate climate change and facilitate sustainability.

By 2030, experts predict that 21% of all the energy in the world will be consumed by IT. So what can we do? The more we can architect our APIs to reduce energy consumption, the more we can minimize technology’s negative effects on the environment.

To reduce the energy consumption of our APIs, we must ensure they are as efficient as possible. We need to eliminate unnecessary processing, minimize their infrastructure footprint, and monitor and govern their consumption so we aren’t left with API sprawl leaking energy usage all over the place. 

And guess what: 85% of consumers have in fact shifted their purchasing behavior to prioritize sustainability in the last 5 years. A third of consumers will actually pay more for products that are sustainable. So building better APIs isn’t just good for the planet, and our consciences, it’s good for our businesses too. 

In this eBook, we’ll look at:

  • Ways to build more efficient and sustainable APIs.
  • Strategies to consume and embed APIs to make our own processes greener.
  • Considerations to have in mind when adopting architecture patterns such as microservices, APIs and event-driven architectures.

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