Service Mesh and the Natural Evolution of Microservices

This ebook explains the role that the service mesh pattern plays in the leap towards de-centralized architectures. A novel re-packaging of the functionalities of traditional API gateways, service mesh represents the next stage in the natural evolution of microservices.

Understanding Service Mesh

In following the evolution of microservices, containers, and serverless, we are all likely familiar with the shift away from large monoliths to smaller, more agile services. Despite this, for many of us, it can be a challenge to understand exactly what service mesh is and what makes it so exciting. Understanding service mesh in the proper context requires an understanding of the evolution from monoliths to microservices.

In this ebook, we discuss:

  • The rise of east-west traffic
  • The challenge with traditional gateways
  • Proxies, gateways, and the foundations of service mesh
  • Understanding and controlling our service mesh