The Migration Guide to Microservices Adoption

Around three-quarters of organizations now report using microservices architecture.

Discover if a microservice architecture is right for your application as we explore the differences between monolithic and microservice architectures and the advantages and disadvantages of each.

The move to microservices

The move to microservices impacts all areas of application development but provides benefits that go far beyond business agility.

Microservices offer organizations a way to help ensure always-on applications are delivered at a faster rate with greater assurance of availability and performance.

Benefits microservices deliver:

  • Increased agility with the ability to rapidly iterate and develop services
  • Greater freedom of choice for developers to use the best services for a given project
  • Boosted application resiliency and overall improvements in the efficiency of development

For enterprises with an array of applications built on monolithic-oriented architectures, making the transition to microservices is a daunting proposition that would require both an organizational and cultural shift. Get insight into the value of microservices to help you take steps toward determining whether making the leap is in the best interest of your organization.