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Kong Mesh

Universal service mesh for enterprise organizations focused on simplicity, security and scalability with Envoy

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Organizations are transitioning to distributed software architectures to support and accelerate innovation, gain digital revenues and reduce costs. A successful transition to microservices requires that services are connected reliably with minimal latency, protected with end-to-end security, discoverable and fully observable. 

Kong Mesh is an enterprise-grade service mesh that runs on both Kubernetes and VMs on any cloud. Built on top of the open source, Envoy-based service mesh Kuma and focused on simplicity, Kong Mesh enables microservices transformation with out of the box service connectivity and discovery, zero-trust security, traffic reliability and global observability across all traffic including cross-cluster deployments. Kong Mesh includes enterprise technical support to mitigate risk in case of service disruptions or outages.

Kong Mesh enables your organization to: 

  • Ensure service connectivity and traffic reliability
  • Achieve Zero-Trust Security 
  • Gain global traffic observability

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