Kong Insomnia: Collaborative open source API development platform for design-first organizations

Organizations are increasingly relying on the power of APIs to operate every facet of their businesses, from transferring data, to improving interconnectivity with medical devices, to smart grid systems, and an endless host of connected apps.

To successfully transition to APIs, it’s best practice to implement a set of tools and standards to ensure that APIs are built efficiently and with maximum reuse. Additionally, with APIs becoming a top attack vector for hackers, it’s not only vital to secure and govern APIs that have already been deployed, but to also ensure that the security credentials associated with each API in the pre-production stage are also compliant and tightly governed.

Kong Insomnia is an open source API development platform that provides the easiest way to collaborate and innovate across the full API lifecycle. With more than 25,000 stars on Github, Kong Insomnia is ‘built for the developer, by the developer’, and enables streamlined API design, debugging and testing with industry standard security and the most popular API protocols (e.g. GraphQL, gRPC, REST, SOAP and Websockets).

Kong Insomnia enables organizations to:

  • Boost Developer Productivity 
  • Ensure API Quality 
  • Improve API Resuability