Kong Konnect

The First Unified Cloud-Native API Lifecycle Platform to Optimize Any Environment

Compelling digital experiences are the lifeblood of organizations that are looking for new revenue streams and competitive advantage. These customer experiences are driven by applications built with modern distributed architectures, employing granular services using microservices, serverless, containers, service meshes, and Kubernetes.

Businesses are expanding their IT infrastructure to multiple clouds and hybrid environments. Services need to be connected reliably and securely across clouds, data-centers, protocols and architectures, and environments that are constantly evolving as enterprises accelerate their journey towards modernization.

Kong Konnect is the first API management platform that enables businesses to have comprehensive governance and observability across API Gateways, Kubernetes footprint, and east-west traffic of Service Mesh. Kong Konnect manages Kong Gateway, Kong Ingress Controller, and Kong Mesh with a single management console to deliver API configuration, portal, service catalog, and analytics capabilities.

Kong Konnect enables organizations to:

  • Reduces operational complexity
  • Promotes federated governance
  • Achieve architectural freedom
  • Boost developer productivity
  • Delivers robust API security