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Kong Konnect:
Streamlined SaaS API platform for multi-cloud environments

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Every organization is under pressure to innovate by providing compelling digital experiences. Organizations overcome this challenge through applications that are built with modern architectures using microservices and containers, managed through Kubernetes. These modern approaches deliver the agility required to keep up business demands.

Organizations are modernizing legacy monolithic applications or building new cloud native applications using microservices. As a result, the number of APIs are growing exponentially, and connectivity between services becomes the critical backbone of your applications.

Kong Konnect is an end-to-end SaaS API lifecycle management platform that is designed for the cloud native era and provides the easiest way to operate Kong Gateway. The platform empowers organizations to efficiently publish, consume, secure, analyze and manage APIs and services across modern and legacy applications on any cloud, platform, protocol or architecture.

Kong Konnect enables organizations to:

  • Achieve architectural freedom
  • Lower operational burden
  • Boost developer productivity
  • Secure your APIs and services

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