Next-Generation Service Control Platform for the Modern Enterprise


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Unleash the Power of Kong

As your organization’s software architecture evolves, you need a better method of brokering the exchange of information by your services. Increasingly, distributed systems and rising adoption of microservices create new challenges for managing communications across your architecture. Kong Enterprise provides a simple, fast, scalable and flexible service control platform for complex modern architectures. Kong Enterprise is a full lifecycle service management platform that secures, manages and monitors all your services to accelerate innovation across all platforms, protocols and deployment patterns. Kong is the only solution that is designed to optimize today’s application modernization needs through intelligent automation across the full lifecycle of APIs and services.

Use Kong Enterprise to connect your development teams, partners and customers with a unified platform. Reduce latency to less than 1ms. Remove bloating with a plugin-based architecture and lightweight integrations. Scale clusters effortlessly, regardless of environment, vendor, configuration or deployment pattern. Natively support gRPC and REST, and integrate with Apollo GraphQL server and Apache Kafka services. Kong Enterprise provides one platform for bare metal to cloud native, monolith to microservices, mesh and beyond.

Modernization to Optimize Performance 

Unblock adoption of emerging service platforms with unified communications across REST, gRPC, GraphQL and Kafka data streaming services. Transition to microservices with a cloud-native solution that also works with your existing systems. 

Workflow Automation to Speed Time to Market

Enable spec-based development for all REST and GraphQL services, including Dev-to-Prod promotion. Autonomously identify service behavior anomalies in real-time to improve security, mitigate breaches and isolate issues.

Governance to Improve Management 

Take ownership of your infrastructure. Increase compliance with internal and industry standards. Grant access and permissions to new developers in seconds.

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