Access Logging Made Easy With Envoy and Fluent Bit

Carmen Puccio

Principal Solutions Architect, Amazon Web Services 

As customers start to adopt microservices patterns into their organization, they typically run into a challenge when it comes to logging. One of the challenges of a polyglot microservices architecture is trying to correlate different access logs into a consistent format as they are sent to a centralized logging solution. Imagine trying to find a particular error or status code across different services that are interacting with each other with no data consistency in your logs. Moreover, imagine trying to maintain all the different parsers you need to ingest that data into a logging solution. You don’t want to waste your cycles here, as it takes away from the innovation and quicker time-to-market that microservices architectures are supposed to bring to your organization.

The aforementioned challenge is just one reason why you should be unifying your services behind a service mesh. In this session, you will learn how to implement a consistent and structured log format for your microservices applications with Envoy and Fluent Bit.


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