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Automating Application Connectivity With Service Mesh

Cody De Arkland

Do you get chills when you think about the amount of tickets that go into actually connecting applications in the enterprise? I do. When I think about the layers that we add on top of application deployments such as security, traffic control and observability, I get even more scared. If you want to learn about the ways service mesh turns this model on its head, this session is for you!

Through a live, hands-on demo, we’ll unleash service mesh on our cloud native application. We’ll take a journey of applying policies, configuring observability and lifecycling tiers of our workload — all via self-service and automation. By sessions end, you’ll be itching to withdraw those tickets and deploy your own application into a service mesh world!

Destination: Automation is a free, digital event exploring ways organizations can embrace automation to make their applications and underlying tech stacks more efficient, secure and resilient.

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   Cody De Arkland

   Cody De Arkland

   Principal Technical Marketing Engineer

   Kong Inc.