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Automating Kubernetes Environments with Ansible

Timothy Appnel

Sr Product Manager and Ansible Evangelist, Red Hat

Ansible fits naturally into any Kubernetes environment. Both are very active and widely used open source projects with vibrant communities that help make hard things easier. Here, we explore how this works through K8s Operators and GitOps.

Operators simplify management of complex applications on Kubernetes. They are usually written in Go and require expertise with the internals of Kubernetes. Ansible is a first-class citizen in the Operator SDK, providing an alternative that, with a lower barrier to entry, frees up application engineers and maximizes the time to automate and orchestrate your applications with one simple language.

GitOps works by using Git as a single source of truth for declarative infrastructure and apps to accelerate deployments and ops, using pull requests to manage and track changes. Using Ansible to implement GitOps pipelines provides unique benefits that go beyond just cloud native systems and managing existing IT infrastructure such as cloud services and networking gear.


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