The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Automators

Connectivity Is the Future

Marco Palladino

CTO and Co-Founder, Kong Inc.

As we grow our businesses, we transform our applications to become distributed and decoupled to iterate faster on customer feedback, adapt quicker to market transitions and improve reliability and availability.

In this new distributed and decoupled era, we introduce service connectivity at the backbone of our applications at an unprecedented scale, and we need to adopt a new kind of platform to abstract away service connectivity from the application teams so that the business can innovate with minimal fragmentation and maximum speed. We need a service connectivity platform that allows the organization to break down vertical silos like API management and service mesh for a fully integrated connectivity abstraction.

In this session, we will explore the market transitions that are defining this new distributed and decoupled era, and we will identify the main foundations for the new service connectivity platform category.


Destination: Automation is a free, digital event exploring ways organizations can embrace automation to make their applications and underlying tech stacks more efficient, secure and resilient.

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