Destination Scale Backround

From Native Microservices to Full API Gateway Adoption in a Hybrid Mesh Ecosystem in the Cloud

ManoMano is a french DIY marketplace that faces scalability issues due to its hyper-growth — 100% growth in 2020 to €1.2 billion. To tackle this challenge, our website has slowly transformed from a “classic” backend application serving html to a microservices-based architecture. In this talk, we’ll show how Kong, first used as a classic gateway component, has progressively become a key element in our infrastructure and helped us deploy a hybrid mesh ecosystem in the cloud. We will discuss: – Our high-level vision, focusing on the importance of a DDD approach to drive API vision instead of a simple microservice migration – How we quickly adopted Kong across all our teams by providing the vision, tooling and autonomy to each developer and SRE – Where we are today with a hybrid mesh ecosystem in the cloud and how Kong helps sustain our growth and our cloud adoption.


  Isaac Dominguez

   Site Reliability Engineer


   Aurélien LAJOIE

   Head of Architecture, Core and Platform


   Bastien Lacombe

   Software Developer