From Zero to Hero: A Roadmap for Automating the Development Lifecycle Across Any Environment with GitOps

Organizations that embrace GitOps are able to develop and automate their end-to-end software development lifecycle by combining the power of Git, CI/CD and Kubernetes. However the path to get there can be rocky: operating in a multi-cloud environment, working with hybrid microservice and monolith APIs, helping teams discover and publish APIs to use, and moving legacy services to Kubernetes pose no shortage of organizational and technical challenges.

In this session, we’ll share insights that we’ve learned from some of our most successful users on how to break these challenges down into bite-sized pieces and build a plan of attack no matter what stage you’re currently in.

You will learn how to:

  • Improve the compliance and functionality of your APIs in the API gateway
  • Deploy across diverse architectures and environments, including cross-cloud and Kubernetes
  • Publish APIs to portals and service registries for other developers to discover and use


Shane Connelly profile Picture

   Shane Connelly

   Director of Product Management


Felderi Santiago profile Picture

   Felderi Santiago

   Global Director – Solutions Engineer