How to Achieve Zero-Trust Security With Service Mesh

How to Achieve Zero-Trust Security With Service Mesh

Are you an enterprise architect who is currently facing the challenge to secure and observe service connectivity across every cloud and every cluster? Kong Mesh, built on top of CNCF’s Kuma and Envoy, is a universal service mesh tailored to the enterprise architect that must provide modern and secure connectivity to the applications that the teams are building.

Join Kong Mesh Engineer and Kuma Contributor Jakub Dyszkiewicz to learn how Kong Mesh can help you:

  • Apply a zero-trust security model out of the box to encrypt traffic and reduce the risk of breaches, including mTLS and traffic permissions ACL to secure traffic paths from one service to another
  • Assign an identity to every service and workload that runs in the mesh by automatically issuing and rotating mTLS certificates, thanks to Kong Mesh built-in capabilities
  • Capture and observe all the logs, metrics and traces that service traffic is generating in order to identify problems faster, as well as knowing the state of the service mesh in real time


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