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How to Automate Everything in 2021

Automation of all the repeatable tasks is nothing new. We’ve been doing it for years or even decades. But as technology changes, so do the tools and the processes we use in automation. Today, we are practicing not only continuous delivery (CD), but also GitOps and progressive delivery. Our applications are running in Kubernetes and are designed around event-based decoupled architecture. So, how do we automate everything in 2021? Which practices should we use, and which tools should we choose? How can we combine events with workflows, pipelines, GitOps and progressive delivery using tools designed from the ground up to be cloud native and Kubernetes-first? We’ll use Argo project (Events, Workflows and Pipelines, CD, and Rollouts) combined with SealedSecrets, Kaniko and a few other tools in a hands-on demo.


   Viktor Farcic

   Developer Advocate