Extending Kong Dev Portal with GraphQL

Creating an Interactive Dev Portal with GraphQL

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to get to the next level of API documentation using Kong Dev Portal with GraphQL. Learn more about Kong Konnect and start a free trial.

1:00 – What You’ll Need

3:30 – Create a Template

5:26 – Add Content

6:27 – Edit Title

7:55 – Add an API URL

9:04 – Copy Example Code from GraphiQL

11:34 – Test the Interactive Dev Portal

14:08 – Add a Link to the Navigation


In my example, I’ll be using Kong Konnect Enterprise Version 2.4, but the version number does not really matter. I also configured my workspace with one service that points to a Star Wars API endpoint with a GraphQL interface (swapi-graphql.netlify.com).


We’ll also be using an open source tool called GraphiQL for interactive documentation of a GraphQL endpoint. With GraphiQL, we’ll see requests, responses and automated generation of documentation based on the endpoint.


Read the full tutorial blog post.


Contact us if you have any questions as you’re getting set up.