Announcing Kong Summit 2021: Developing the Connected World

Konnect-ing the Dots Across Organizational Silos: APIOps at the Core of API Transformation

Luca Maraschi, mobileLIVE

Microservices architecture organically grew into large distributed realities. With distribution, coordination has become the main challenge when considering team complexities and governance. Infrastructure also evolved first to the cloud and then to an aggregation of different environments. The service mesh then became the fulcrum of this transformation (or we better say (r)evolution), and “APIOps” helped this transition by alleviating the delivery challenges from the different teams. Connectivity transformed how we design modern distributed architectures that need to be reliable, resilient and scalable.

In this session, we are tackling the reference architecture for continuously delivering APIs at scale by leveraging the full Kong toolchain to achieve the ultimate planetary scale and hybrid service mesh across multiple clouds/environments using Konnect.