Managing Kong Workflows From Slack: Your API Butler for the Enterprise at Your Commands

Slack is a natural gateway to API transformation because it solves the inherited complexity of enterprises fast-changing their work and communication methodologies. The challenge is to accelerate and democratize access to microservices, enabling an ecosystem based on cross-pollination, distribution and transparency while avoiding duplication of effort. Efficient collaboration and communication are the core of this process. The developer community needs a tool which allows them to operate these workflows while simplifying access to traditionally complex processes. Slack has then become the saving grace for many development teams in a remote-first world.

In this talk, the audience will learn:

  • How to set up Ops to seamlessly integrate with Slack
  • How to create an API based on a pre-defined template within Slack
  • How easy an API registration in Kong can be done via Slack
  • How to bring command, pipeline and services together seamlessly
  • Allow for transparent and analytic feedback loops within Slack
  • How to discover APIs in an easy and immediate way


Luca Maraschi profile Picture

   Luca Maraschi

   VP of Engineering