Destination Scale Backround

Scaling Applications Without Baselines = Headache
Scaling Without Secure Baselines = Migraines

Kubernetes is built to automate, scale and manage container workloads. Even with Kubernetes networking, security and monitoring applications are still necessary to operationalize your Kubernetes workloads. With Kubernetes, it can be challenging to understand and set application baselines, but it doesn’t have to be. Why do we approach setting security baselines differently? The declarative approach of Kubernetes, along with the native controls, provides robust security and policy capabilities; the skill is in scaling and enforcing these policies in your organization. In this session, we’ll review the following to help enable you to understand how to create and manage security baselines for shared context and future growth: – The Kubernetes-native security capabilities available – How to set security policies for your applications – How to scale your security policies – The human element of policy implementation


   Michael Foster

   Sr. Product Marketing Manager

   Red Hat