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Security Observability: Securing Your Cloud Native Apps and APIs

Sanjay Nagaraj

To stay ahead today businesses need to rapidly adapt and innovate their software. APIs have become a key enabler of these frequent software changes, but with the explosion of modern API-driven applications a whole new attack surface and range of threats has evolved. These new threats slip right by today’s security solutions and are of such scale and complexity that they can not be effectively managed manually.

A new way of thinking is necessary to properly secure API-driven applications, by using AIs and automation. In this session, we’ll learn about these new threats and look at how security observability can improve awareness and reduce business exposure to API-based threats and attacks. We’ll cover:

• Continuous discovery and inventory of all API endpoints, including shadow APIs
• Automated API documentation and risk assessments, including data exposure
• Runtime detection and protection from API business logic attacks and other well-known API vulnerabilities (OWASP API Top 10)
• User attributed activity tracking to identify threat actors before they strike
• Advanced analytics, threat hunting, forensics, and compliance through a user attributed trace data lake

Destination: Automation is a free, digital event exploring ways organizations can embrace automation to make their applications and underlying tech stacks more efficient, secure and resilient.

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   Sanjay Nagaraj

   Co-founder & CTO

   Traceable AI