The Conundrum of DDI and Zero-Trust

The zero-trust model of security is gaining traction but faces some obstacles in DevOps environments that are designed to move fast. This is because the speed at which DevOps teams are required to operate creates an environment where anything that slows them down is seen as a deterrent. Also, many of the tools that can assist in creating a zero-trust model of security in a DevOps culture are forgotten or seen as an afterthought.

Without these tools, DevOps teams will not be able to ensure the network services they are using are secure. During this presentation, Chris Buijs, EMEA CTO at NS1, will discuss why having a rock-solid DDI (DNS, DHCP, and IPAM) platform is a necessity to enable zero-trust and integrate with the security policies defined/used, to make sure network services are included and meeting the same grade of quality and robustness to provide a secure platform for any transaction on networks and guarantee security.

Attendees will learn:
– What the role is (or should be), of DDI in a zero-trust world
– What DDI provides and how it enriches zero-trust with Network/Enduser asset information
– How it provides programmatic access to network services and its data
– How to steer network-transactions against policies before the actual transaction starts


Chris Buijs

Field CTO