The Long Road to Cloud Native Applications: Inter-Service Communications, Application Architectures and Platform Deployment Patterns

Bruce Matthews

Senior Solutions Architect, Mirantis

The CEX wing of most companies have only given the order to “move to the cloud,” but very few have provided any strategy for getting there. This chore seems to fall back onto the developer to figure out and execute. This session by Bruce Mathews, senior solutions architect at Mirantis, will delve into critical considerations involved in segmenting apps into microservices, paying particular attention to how microservice design patterns can map to service mesh and underlying container platform characteristics and features.

Topics will include:

  • Fundamentals of a microservices architecture
  • Inter-service communications from the ops and developer perspective – from library to node-agent, to sidecar implementations
  • Key design patterns for making service mesh-coordinated apps more operations-friendly (e.g., circuit-breaker)


Presentation Deck: