Using a Hybrid Multi-Cloud Architecture With an IaC, GitOps-Powered Approach at Kore Labs

Angelo Ovidi, Kore Labs

As the world's first Product Relationship Management (PRM) SaaS platform, Kore Labs delivers a cloud-enabled solution that provides financial institutions with the ability to digitize data and events throughout the financial product lifecycle, from ideation to retirement.

In this session, Angelo Ovidi, chief architect and head of technology at Kore Labs, and James Farquhar, CTO at Kore Labs, will discuss how the company has adopted an API-based, modular approach with Kong to ensure safe, secure and reliable integration for many of its leading financial institutions. This session will explore how Kore is leveraging Kong's API gateway to automatically deploy its microservices-based SaaS platform via strict CI/CD pipelines on hybrid/multi-cloud and Kubernetes environments.