Zero-Trust and APIs: Securing the Doors and Windows Into Your Data

APIs provide the conduits connecting your customers and partners to data and services. In a zero-trust framework, you cannot trust anyone – not even authenticated users – so you must continuously monitor and assess their intent.

Attackers are prioritizing APIs as their preferred way to steal your data and disrupt your accounts and services. Research shows that more than 90% of API attacks come from authenticated users, and these attacks are getting more complex all the time. API attacks have become so prominent that OWASP created its OWASP API Security Top 10 Threats.

To protect APIs, you need deep analysis on every request and response and the ability to stitch together singular transactions into a holistic understanding of an attacker's behavior. Attend this session to learn how to help your organization protect its vital assets, understand the patterns of top API attacks, and learn why WAFs and API gateways aren't enough to protect you.


Elad Koren

Chief Product Officer

Salt Security

Michelle McLean

Vice President Marketing

Salt Security