How APIOps Increases Speed & Quality Throughout the API Lifecycle

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Automate configuration, governance, and operations with APIOps.

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    About this Webinar

    Deconstructing monolithic applications into microservices brings about more agility for the business but has forced development teams to take responsibility for connectivity between components. The end result is wasted developer time spent configuring connectivity rather than coding value and unreliable quality and inconsistency caused by different teams following different standards. 

    Reclaim your developer productivity for business innovation without having to lower the quality of connectivity by automating governance as well as deployment, using tools and processes your teams are already reliant on.

    Key takeaways:

    • Complexities to be looking for that may be draining your teams’ ability to innovate
    • Business value introduction of end-to-end automation for your APIs and microservices: APIOps
    • Outcomes enabled for each key stakeholder

    Presented By

    Melissa van der Hecht

    Melissa van der Hecht

    Field CTO, Kong Inc.

    Zack Kielich

    Zack Kielich

    Director of Product Marketing, Kong Inc.