Beyond Kubernetes: Extending Service Mesh to VMs

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"Cloud Native" doesn't always mean containerization. Teams are adopting cloud native design principals on workloads that span across multiple workload runtimes including Kubernetes AND virtual machines.

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    About this Webinar

    So often when we talk about application modernization and service mesh – we focus on the Kubernetes world, but did you know Kuma and Kong Mesh provide virtual machines with native, first class support as well?

    Join Cody De Arkland, with our Office of the CTO, as he takes us through how we can deploy Kuma and Kong Mesh into a multi-zone deployment supporting Kubernetes workloads as well as Virtual Machine workloads. We’ll show how service mesh allows developers and operators to create a consistent, policy driven approach to application connectivity in a multi-cloud world.

    Presented By

    Cody De Arkland

    Cody De Arkland

    Technical Marketing Engineer, Kong Inc.