Microservices: Making Digital Transformation Work for You

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Learn about the winning patterns for successful and secure digital transformation.

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    About this Webinar

    Digital transformation is top of mind for many organizations. This concept can mean many things, but what does it mean for your organization? 

    In this session, we’ll walk you through some common patterns of successful transformations and highlight customer success stories for each pattern. Business outcomes they’ve achieved include: 

    • Innovating Faster
    • Reducing Cost and Improve Efficiency
    • Capturing New Digital Opportunities

    We’ll also show how inherent security risks in digital transformations are mitigated in these projects. 

    The patterns we’ll cover can be an inspiration on how to pursue your own digital transformation in practical terms.

    Key takeaways:

    • Learn about the business benefits of adopting a microservices architecture.
    • Find out about common patterns of successful microservices projects. 
    • Kong’s efforts to protect customer information and provide reliable connectivity.

    Presented By

    Ahmed Koshok

    Ahmed Koshok

    Solutions Engineer, Kong Inc.

    Joshua Molina

    Joshua Molina

    Sr. Content Strategist