Microservices: The Journey and 3 Challenges You Will Uncover Along the Way

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Enabling microservices transition at McAfee

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    About this Webinar

    Almost four years ago, McAfee embarked in the transition towards microservices. They needed an API platform that could integrate with a very complex infrastructure built using multiple languages and methodologies. Additionally, they required this solution to be able to scale or contract with services, and the team to be able to integrate and build custom capabilities on top of it.

    Kong is now a critical element of McAfee’s infrastructure, enabling its microservices journey and supporting it as it becomes the largest cyber security solutions provider across the globe.

    During its journey, the team at McAfee identified three challenges that are common to microservices architectures. Marcelo da Cruz Pinto, Principal Engineer at McAfee, shares the strategies he implemented to manage and minimize these challenges.

    Join Marcelo, and Paul Dickens, Principal Product Manager at Kong while they discuss McAfee’s journey and strategies to manage the challenges that arise with microservices architectures.

    Webinar Takeaways:

    • Insights into the microservices journey at McAfee
    • Three strategies to manage challenges that typically arise when deploying microservices architectures
    • The true benefits of microservices

    Presented By

    Marcelo da Cruz Pinto

    Marcelo da Cruz Pinto

    Principal Engineer, McAfee

    Paul Dickens

    Product Manager, Kong Inc.