Helping Your Teams Migrate to Kubernetes

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Technical software buzzwords like "containerizing" and "decomposing monolithic" applications are on the rise, but these concepts aren't all-or-nothing decisions. The best strategy is a pragmatic one that gets your organization the most value for the least risk.

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    About this Webinar

    This session will explore how technical concepts are helping solve business challenges, great first use cases for migrating to kubernetes with, and pitfalls to have the engineering team look out for as they migrate.
    Attendees will leave the session with actionable insights they can take back to their engineering teams to discuss:
    • The top four features of monolithic applications that engineers can’t natively use in a mixed application architecture
    • Realistic business expectations that can come from application modernization
    • How to choose the initial applications and components

    Presented By

    Zack Kielich

    Zack Kielich

    Director of Product Marketing, Kong Inc.