Tech Talk – Kong Gateway: Choose Your Adventure – A byte-sized guide to selecting the best Kong features for you

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Tech Talks by Kong are a new webinar series dedicated to our technical developer audience featuring open-source products and topics relevant to you with extended live demos.

Join us to learn how to choose the Kong Gateway components that are right for you and your use case.

About this Webinar

Kong’s Gateway offering wraps several frontend and backend services which include an Admin API and GUI, Developer Portal API and GUI, as well as Ingress Controllers, data plane proxies, and various cache and database backend services.

Join Kat Morgan, Field Engineer and Senior Developer Advocate, to determine which components are right for you and your use case.

We will cover:

  • What Kong looks like on Kubernetes
  • The different options for deploying Kong and some of the permutations
  • The microservices components that make up the Kong Gateway
  • How they fit in a real-world use case


Presented By

Kat Morgan

Kat Morgan

Senior Developer Advocate