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[Tech Talk] The Magic of Service Mesh: Everything Your Sidecar Does for You

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Tech Talks by Kong is a webinar series dedicated to our technical developer audience featuring open-source products and topics relevant to you with extended live demos.

Join us to learn how to choose the Kong Gateway components that are right for you and your use case.

About this Webinar

Magicians never reveal their secrets . . . but today, we reveal everything! Behold the mysterious Envoy and the magic of mesh in Kong Mesh and its open source sibling, Kuma. Spoiler: the secret is in the sidecar! Join this mesh-by-example talk to learn about how the service mesh manages certificate rotation, cross-zone communication, and service discovery. This talk will explain to service mesh newcomers what application developers can offload to the sidecar proxy — and why it’s a cost-effective way to achieve your reliability and security objectives.

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Charly Molter

Charly Molter

Engineering Manager, Mesh, Kong