How Service Mesh Enables a Zero-Trust Network

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Achieve high-grade security within your microservices ecosystem.

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    About this Webinar

    Many teams have transitioned to a microservices architecture to deploy more often, be more distributed, decoupled or improve overall reliability. While these innovations are largely positive, innovation without the proper security is an incident waiting to happen. An agnostic service mesh that supports multi-region, multi-zone, multi-cloud and hybrid modes is the answer to your microservice security dilemmas.

    Join Kong CTO and Co-Founder Marco Palladino to learn how a service mesh can achieve bank-grade security for established and emerging microservices patterns. 

    Key takeaways:

    • Best practices for service identity and how platform architects can specify specific rules and attributes to generate an identity on a per-service basis.
    • How service mesh removes the burden of networking from developers, enabling them to focus more on their core logic.
    • How to achieve zero trust security in one click with Kong Mesh.

    Presented By

    Marco Palladino

    Marco Palladino

    CTO & Co-Founder, Kong Inc.