ZeroLB in a Decentralized World

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Marco Palladino, CTO at Kong, introduces the industry to the concept of Zero Load Balancer (ZeroLB) - a use case for service mesh that allows operators to replace load balancer centric architectures - providing a much more modern operating model.

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    About this Webinar

    The age of the load balancer has come to an end. The existing load balancer architecture pattern is a remnant of monolithic software deployments, and has no place in the decentralized world. In Kuma and Kong Service Mesh, we enable users to break free of the load balancers and build a connected fabric that allows users to span workloads across data centers and clouds.

    Enterprises are tightly bound to their existing architecture models that are hampered by monolithic load balancers. As applications become distributed across the globe, spanning clouds and datacenters – the need for an application connectivity pattern that “lives” decentralized is critical.

    Join Marco as he takes us all through what the ZeroLB architecture pattern is, and how enterprises can accelerate the way they build applications in a globally connected world – while shedding the complexities of the load balancer model.

    Presented By

    Marco Palladino

    Marco Palladino

    Kong co-founder, CTO