Harness the Combined Power of API Management and GraphQL


Reference Architecture for a Modern API Platform

Build, Deploy, and Operate APIs with a Modern API Platform

API gateway

Supergraph Developer Tooling and CI/CD Pipelines with Policy Controls

Microservices Management with Service Mesh

The API request lifecycle

Kong API Gateway

Service Routing

Authentication / Authorization

Traffic Management


Request Forwarding

Supergraph Runtime Execution

GraphQL Query Parsing & Validation Against the Public API Schema

Graph-Native Security and Performance Policy Enforcement

Intelligent Query Planning

Query Execution and API-Side Joins

Supergraph Observability

Supergraph Runtime Extensibility

Domain-Driven Microservices

API Gateway at the Mesh Edge

Service Discovery / Inter-Service Connectivity

Zero-Trust Security

Traffic Management and Observability

Powering a Next-Generation API Platform

Kong Konnect

Apollo GraphOS


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