Combat risk with extensible API security

Built-in security features and a rich plugin ecosystem make it easy for you to customize and apply granular security policies for your APIs.

Protect your API infrastructure against attacks and service disruptions

Implementing robust, layered API security measures helps prevent unauthorized access to your APIs and safeguards against API attacks. 

Learn how League, a healthcare technology company, uses Kong’s extensibility to strengthen the security of their applications.

The benefits of API security

Solve complex security challenges with less effort

Create granular authentication and authorization policies using built-in and customizable security features.

Simplified secrets management in any environment

Safeguard and manage your secrets from a single place with built-in and third-party secrets management and vault support.

Make your zero-trust security strategy a reality

Define and enforce your zero-trust security strategy consistently across different teams and applications through a single unified platform.

Bake scalable security into your APIs with Kong

Customize security based on your application needs

Program Kong Gateway declaratively to automate security policies. Customize security measures to address your specific requirements with Kong’s extensible security plugins that apply top-tier solutions for authentication, authorization, encryption, and more to your gateways.

Learn how Mercado Bitcoin leveraged Kong’s flexible plugin architecture and gained a 40% increase in mission-critical service performance.

Manage your secrets in one place, integration included

Store and manage your keys, passwords, and tokens with Kong’s pre-built support for leading secrets management solutions, including AWS Secrets Manager and Hashicorp Vault. Protect your secrets whether you are running your applications on-premises, hybrid, in the cloud, or all the above. With Kong’s out-of-box solutions, there’s no integration work required.

Learn how PEXA swiftly improved their security posture and reclaimed developer productivity with Kong’s out-of-box solutions for standardized security.

Accelerate safe AI adoption and foster innovation with Kong AI Gateway

Transform any Kong Gateway into an AI Gateway. Securely manage all AI-related traffic, credentials, prompts, abuse prevention, observability, compliance, and governance across your organization for accelerated multi-AI application development.

Achieve zero-trust security with full governance

Manage, govern, and apply zero-trust security to your meshes and gateways from a single unified platform. Kong offers an industry standard approach to zero-trust security with low operational complexity; Kong Mesh can be implemented in as little as a day and comes with out-of-the-box service connectivity and discovery.

Learn how Kong Mesh helped MS3 reduce complexity at scale without sacrificing end customer security and performance.

Gartner names Kong a Leader

For the fourth consecutive year, Kong was named a Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ Leader for API Management

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