Kong makes financial services work

Create new value-added products and services that surpass customer expectations, increase share of the wallet and keep new competitors at bay.

Empower financial services innovation

Fintechs are using technology to disrupt traditional financial services and change the way people bank. Established institutions must adapt to this changing landscape by offering applications that provide innovative products and services to consumers and businesses.

Learn how First Abu Dhabi Bank chose Kong to securely accelerate their cloud connectivity strategy across legacy applications and adopt a microservice architecture to expedite time to market for customer-facing applications.

The benefits of API-first finance

Deliver memorable customer experiences

Monolith legacy applications create fragile and sluggish customer experiences. A blazing fast and light-weight API gateway reduces latency, consumes less compute resources, and mitigates the risk of downtime to deliver innovative products and services.

Build the next generation of financial services applications

Migrating to the cloud and open banking initiatives unlocks the potential for innovation that was impossible with legacy API systems. Accelerate innovation and modernize applications to maximize agility and competitiveness.

Lift the burden of regulatory compliance

The burden of managing regulatory risk and meeting industry best practices continues to increase significantly for financial services. Simplified and real-time monitoring and auditing across the entire API landscape, ensures ease of compliance and effective governance.

Create the future of financial services with Kong

Digital transformation through architectural flexibility

With Kong, financial institutions can run their applications anywhere — on-premises, in the cloud, or a hybrid environment — using a federated model that accommodates each application teams’ unique requirements with corporate best practices. This flexibility significantly speeds up time to market for new services and streamlines deployment. Build memorable customer experiences on the super lightweight, superfast API platform.

Learn how Kong enabled Rabobank to implement a distributed model with multiple gateways  across several teams and applications.

API management customized to your requirements

Kong offers an extensive and growing ecosystem of out-of-the-box plugins for security, authentication, rate limiting, analytics, and more. This empowers financial services to customize their API management without increasing platform complexity. Leverage plugins for open policy agent (OPA) to write declarative policies and OpenID Connect or OIDC to integrate Kong with a third party identity provider (IdP). With Kong, financial services have complete flexibility to address current and future use cases.

Learn how Mercado Bitcoin reduced data latency and alleviated rate-limiting workload leveraging Kong’s plugin architecture.

Develop applications with built-in security

A single improperly secured API could bring down an entire company and its reputation. Kong helps you solve complex security challenges, with less effort, through a completely programmable API platform. Kong offers a comprehensive set of built-in security features, including API-based security policies and configurations along with numerous plugins to make it easy and fast for you to add the functionality to address your exact requirements.

See how PEXA ensures secure transactions for their customers with Kong’s API platform.

Mitigate cyber threats with accelerated Zero Trust initiatives

Kong offers an industry standard approach to zero-trust security with low operational complexity and fast deployment. Kong Konnect provides you complete visibility into your API landscape by managing and governing your services meshes and API gateways from a single unified platform.

Learn how Kong helped Fubon Financial reduce the security risks of external APIs.

Gartner names Kong a Leader

For the fourth consecutive year, Kong was named a Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ Leader for API Management

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