Decentralize Your Apps and Services
Use Cases

Secure and Govern APIs
and Services

Gain visibility and empower application teams to provide security, governance and compliance

    Do You Have Visibility Into Your Security and Compliance Risks?

    Increased Risk of Breaches

    Developers are writing custom code for authentication and authorization into services that may be vulnerable to attacks.

    Obfuscated Security Threats

    The proliferation of large volumes of services and their traffic makes it difficult to identify security threats.

    Slow Time to Resolution

    The large number of services makes it hard to identify configuration changes that cause compliance violations and service disruptions.

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    Encode Governance into Onboarding

    Grant developers access privileges to services via role-based access control (RBAC) to provide governance right from the beginning, starting with onboarding.

    Gain Consistent Security

    Empower your development teams to add fine-grained security and traffic policies that provide consistency across services and APIs.

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    Predict Service Disruptions and Security Vulnerabilities

    Use artificial intelligence to autonomously monitor traffic for anomalies to proactively identify performance and security incidents.

    Resolve Security and Compliance Issues Faster

    Provide visibility to track and audit configuration changes that impact services to accelerate the resolution of security and compliance issues.

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