Kong Subscriptions

Open-core, scalable and customizable platform

Kong API Gateway

Community Edition

The blazingly fast open source microservice API gateway.

Enterprise Edition

The microservice API platform for large organizations.

API & Microservices Gateway
Open-Source Plugins
Load Balancing
Service Discovery
Health Checks
Community Support

Admin GUI

Powerful One-Click Operations
Manage Kong Cluster
Manage Kong Plugins
Manage APIs
Manage Consumers


Admin RBAC
Open ID Connect
Oauth 2.0 Introspection

Developer Portal

Interactive API Documentation
Developer Management
Flexible Customization
Import API Documentation

Vitals & Analytics

Real-Time Monitoring
Real-Time Data Visualization
API and Consumer Activity
Cache Utilization
Quota Metering


High Availability Rate Limiting
Advanced Service Routing
Edge Caching

Customer Success

Professional Support 24x7x365
Kong Success Engineer
Migration Assistance
Custom Plugins
Installation 1.2 Contact Sales