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What’s New in Kong Gateway 3.2 and Kong Ingress Controller 2.9

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Join us for our March User Call where we will show you all new features and updates in Kong Gateway 3.2 and Kong Ingress Controller 2.9.

Tom Brightbill (Group Product Manager) will show you all new and exciting updates in Kong Gateway 3.2. In the new release, you will find new key functionality for everyone who operates Kong Enterprise in a hybrid environment, which further enhances its reliability. Some of the new updates which you will see are:

– Dataplane scale out
– Latency Based Steering
– FIPS 140-2 compliance to include all first party Kong plugins, in addition to Kong core

Michael Heap (Director of Developer Experience) will walk you through all new features in Kong Ingress Controller 2.9. Some of the highlights include Gateway API Conformance and gRPC Routes in Gateway API.


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