Enhance Your API Management with Kong for Kubernetes

February 26, 9:00 AM (Pacific Time)

Learn about the industry’s only Kubernetes-native ingress solution that provides end-to-end API management and robust security

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About this Webinar

Over the past few years, Kubernetes has become the de-facto standard for container orchestration. However, despite its broad-scale adoption, Kubernetes ingress solutions have to date failed to provide a comprehensive solution for end-to-end API management and traffic control for all applications deployed on a cluster. Similarly, dedicated Kubernetes ingress solutions lack the comprehensive security capabilities and support needed within enterprise organizations. 

Join us for a deep dive of how Kong for Kubernetes provides the industry’s only solution that addresses all of these concerns.

Learn how you can:

  • Implement the same authentication and traffic control policies for Kubernetes as your other API gateways to ensure consistent access control 
  • Create a fluid experience of managing policies and privileges within Kubernetes
  • Instantly integrate with CNCF projects such as Prometheus and Jaeger

Presented By

Harry Bagdi

Harry Bagdi

Senior Cloud Engineer, Kong Inc.

Aaron Qayumi

Aaron Qayumi

Product Marketing Manager, Kong Inc.