Essentials of Microservices API Management for the Enterprise

March 21, 12:00 AM (Pacific Time)

Join us as we explore why scalability, high performance, and flexibility have become critical capabilities for your microservices architecture

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    About this Webinar

    Transitioning to a microservices architecture?

    As microservices become an evermore mission-critical component of your enterprise architecture, there are a few challenges that will become increasingly salient. The need for scalability, high performance, and flexibility will make you think about APIs differently.

    In this webinar, Aaron Miller and Cooper Marcus discuss the peculiar challenges of microservices architectures. They also demonstrate how Kong meets these challenges by being lightweight, super fast, and infrastructure agnostic.

    Presented By

    Aaron Miller

    Aaron Miller

    Senior Solutions Engineer, Kong Inc.

    Cooper Marcus

    Cooper Marcus

    Principal Product Manager, Kong Inc.