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By on February 28, 2023

Join Us at an In-Person Meetup in March

Kong handles 375 billion API calls a day. That’s a lot of API calls. And that means there are a lot of you around the world using Kong.

From San Francisco to Dubai, Kong has 81 Meetup groups around the globe with more than 10,000 members. Join one to meet fellow Kong users and network, talk shop, and stay on top of the latest Kong-related tech.

Check out all the Meetup groups here to find and join a group near you.

March 2023 Kong meetups

We got so excited that in-person meetups are back that we went all-in during March with eight in-person meetups happening around the globe.

There’s never been a better time to attend your first meetup! You could get pizza (or tapas or drinks, depending on which meetup you attend). But you will definitely learn loads more about Kong and meet other awesome people from our community of developers, customers, partners, and Kong enthusiasts.

Read on for the rundown of this month’s upcoming meetups!

Madrid (March 9)

For our first meetup in Madrid, we’re collaborating with our partner AXPE Consulting for an evening full of insightful talks and tapas! Raphaël Sublet (Account Executive, Kong) and Alberto Cabrero Hernandez (Director Apification and Application Modernization, AXPE Consulting) will give an introductory presentation about Kong and AXPE. Enrique Garcia Cota (Engineering Manager, Kong) will be walking us through “The Lifetime of a Request” where he’ll show us what happens inside a Gateway when a request arrives.

Dubai (March 14)

We’re hosting our first-ever meetup in Dubai where we’ve chosen a rather unique venue — the Hub of Consciousness. Bruno Mandic (Senior Solutions Engineer at Kong) will talk about modern service connectivity (what has changed and how do we adapt), the world’s most loved and adopted API gateway, enterprise service mesh for multi-cloud and multi-cluster on both Kubernetes and VMs, and how to build better APIs faster and collaboratively.

San Francisco (March 15)

Have you ever seen Kong HQ in San Francisco? You’re about to! Our meetup at Kong’s office will feature Saju Pillai (SVP of Engineering, Kong), Viktor Gamov (Principal Developer Advocate, Kong), and Harry Bagdi (Principal Engineer, Kong) for an evening full of insightful and cutting-edge technical talks, and (of course) PIZZA. Topics discussed will include Kong Performance: Smoothen Jitter Using Yield, Debug This: Enter Open Telemetry and Kong Gateway and Changing Engines in Flight Kong 3.x Series.

London (March 23)

Join us in beautiful central London for an evening filled with insightful presentations, food, drinks, and networking. We’ve teamed up with our partner QuadCorps to deliver you the best and most wanted content. Andrew Kew (Principal Engineer, QuadCorps) will show us how to upgrade strategies to Kong Gateway 3.x with zero downtime. And Mark Sivill (Senior Solutions Engineer, Kong) will show just how SaaSy Kong is with Kong Konnect.

Barcelona (March 23)

Once again, Kong and AXPE Consulting are teaming up to bring you one awesome afternoon — from business and technical presentations to tapas and sangria. You don’t want to miss it! Raphaël Sublet (Account Executive, Kong) will talk about Kong and our mission; Viktor Gamov (Principal Developer Advocate, Kong) will cover A Guide to Multi-Cloud API Operations with Kong Konnect.

Ho Chi Minh City (March 24) 

We just opened up a Kong Ho Chi Minh City Meetup group and we’re inviting all local Kong enthusiasts to join. For our first in-person meetup there, we’re parenting with one of our customers, One Mount Group. We’ve got three talks prepared for you:

  • Degui Xu (SE Manager, Kong) will talk about Operationalizing Enterprise Service Mesh and API Gateway at Scale.
  • Viet Dinh (Senior Platform Engineer, One Mount) will show us how they deployed their API Gateway at One Mount.
  • Ron Xing (Sr Presales Solution Specialist, Yugabyte) will present on Scalable Stateful APIs with Distributed SQL and Kubernetes. 

Paris (March 30)

Bonjour, Paris! In collaboration with our partner Devoteam nexDigital, we’re bringing to you an evening full of insightful talks, networking, food, and drinks. Pierre-Alexandre Loriot (Senior Solutions Engineer, Kong) will talk about Kong SaaS, introducing Kong Konnect and when to consider using it — plus a practical demonstration and how to get started with Kong Konnect for free. We’ll also hear first-hand from Devoteam’s CTO, Yohann Agostini.

New York City (March 30) 

Our in-person meetup in NYC is in collaboration with our partner EPAM, and it’s all about service mesh! If you want to learn why service mesh is the future of application connectivity, be there! Viktor Gamov (Principal Developer Advocate, Kong) will give us a service mesh crash course for developers. Randi Byrne (Director – Technology Solutions, EPAM) will give an introduction of EPAM, why they partner with Kong, and where they see high ROI with service mesh.

Want to keep up with meetups near you and other Kong events? Check out the Kong Events page.

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