May 1, 2023
4 min read

Find Your Place in the Kong Community: Join the #KongStrong Force

Daliya Spasova
Global Community Manager

You may be wondering, "What's so special about the Kong Community? Why should I be a part of it?" The answer is pretty simple: it's the people and the way they empower one another.

Throughout my career working in tech, I've never seen a community that's so diverse yet so close at the same time. The power of Kong's community comes from its people and how much they help and encourage one another.

In this post, I'll tell you a bit about why you should join the Kong Community (and kindly nudge you to check out the shiny, new-and-improved Kong Community page).

A truly global community

Kong's community is made up of more than 160,000 community members spread around the globe. These people range from the developers who fell in love with our open source technology, to the customers and partners currently revolutionizing the API space with us, to the enthusiasts keen on staying up to speed on the latest in tech. Together, our Kong Nation is stronger than ever.

Personally, my favorite part about being part of Kong's community is how proactive people are and how they help one another. Whatever questions you might have, there will always be someone to lend you a hand. And the best part is, you'll most likely get an answer at any time during the day or night. (Just one of the perks of having members in different time zones!)

Why join the Kong community?

Not sure if joining the Kong community is for you? Just do it! Oh. Still not convinced? Fine, here are some of the benefits of joining the Kong Community:

Monthly updates

Get our monthly newsletter including the most recent technical blogs, upcoming events, and ways to get involved. This isn't yet another newsletter spamming your inbox. We keep these short and sweet, providing you only with the best of the best!

Kong Nation

Did you have a technical question you need help with? Then Kong Nation is the perfect place for you. Didn't you find what you were looking for there? Read on . . .

Tech Talks

Tech Talks by Kong is a webinar series dedicated to our technical developer audience featuring open source products and related topics with extended live demos. Register now for upcoming events.

User calls

Get notified about our monthly user calls. Check out the YouTube playlist of previous calls. The topics covered are vastly different — from deep dives into our new releases, to getting familiar with new plugins, to extensive Q&A sessions. There's something for everyone.

Kong Builders

Maybe you prefer livestreams? Check out our Kong Builders livestreams where we break things . . . and then fix them right back up. Intriguing, right?

Kong Contributor Program

All Kong enthusiasts should check out the Kong Contributor Program. We have both code and content contributions. I won't spill all the beans but . . . let's just say that our swag is pretty amazing.

For anyone who doesn't have a computer science background but loves technology and wants to get involved, this is the place for you. There are several ways you can get involved with our content contributions (and earn prizes). Are you a social media guru or someone who loves getting involved with events? Then this is the perfect place for you. Give it a go!

If you need help or general direction, you can always email us at At Kong, we believe in creating opportunities for everyone — no matter their background. All you need is a love of technology and an eagerness to learn and share that knowledge.

Kong Champions

For all Kong Rockstars out there, our Champions Program is the place to be. The beauty of this program is that it extends beyond its boundaries.

Our Champions help community members out there with any questions they might have. Whether they answer questions on online forums, solve issues on GitHub, or simply provide advice or guidance, our Champions are always there for the community! Check out who they are here and apply for yourself.

Kong Docs

And if you think about using our products or you already are, you can find all information on how to use them in Kong Docs. We pride ourselves in the extensive documentation we have for all products. Check it out today!

Kong meetups

Last but not least we've got the Kong Meetup community! Kong has 80+ Meetup groups around the globe, and we're beyond excited to be returning to in-person meetups where we can get to meet all of you. Join your local Meetup and stay tuned for events near you!

There's something for everyone here. Join the Kong Community today! 🎉